The Ronin Formula

The Ronin Formula; The balance between speed, quality and growth without compromise; a determination to forge relationships that last with clients and candidates alike…the Ronin formula simply works. The best way to discover it is to test our thinking.

Growth without compromise

Ronin began by providing procurement professionals for the financial services and public sectors. In response to the 2008 crisis, we widened our field of expertise to encompass new sectors, placing exceptional candidates originally sourced from banking into technology, consulting and BPO specialists. This process of diversification continues, and every year we work with new clients from new sectors, so that our bank of talent now includes Vendor Management, Commercial Management, Supply Chain and Logistics candidates. Growth has naturally led to the recruitment of our own carefully chosen consultants, and it’s this expansion that inspired the development of the 6 step sourcing process. It has made training our team much easier, providing clarity, structure and consistency. The process has been highly successful with clients too, allowing us to deliver the best quality shortlists fast, whilst doubling the size of our own team and tripling revenue. This is what we mean by growth without compromise.

Relationships that last

Successful recruitment is driven by positive lasting relationships. There has to be mutual trust between recruiters, hiring businesses and candidates, and this is developed over time through successful placements and good experiences. At Ronin we place maximum emphasis on trust and transparency, so you’ll receive accurate feedback as soon as we have it – good or bad. Achieving a strong, sustainable fit between company and employee is always our priority and it clearly works. We have an exceptionally low drop-out rate, a high level of contract renewals and have paid less than ten permanent fee rebates in ten years…

Test Our Thinking

The Ronin ethos is progressive, flexible and responsive. Using the proven foundation of our 6 step approach, we view every new project as a unique challenge needing fresh ideas and creativity. We look beyond traditional CVs and academic measures and harness the power of lateral thinking and technology.

Every challenge is a project, and each project benefits from our proven 6 step process, fine-tuned to match individual circumstances. This process usually involves a key director, a team of consultants, analysts and third party support. Consistency of approach is the key, delivering consistent results for everyone involved.
Recruitment relies on clear feedback, whether you’re a manager seeking hard to find expertise or a professional searching for the ideal role. Ronin feedback is objective, accurate and perceptive. We don’t just tell you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to know.
At Ronin we embrace any technology or method that will enhance end results. We pioneered the use of pre-recorded video interviews in procurement and supply chain recruitment and we have continued to refine this approach, giving Ronin a distinct strategic edge. Video interviews have helped numerous candidates to showcase engagement skills and style that would have remained hidden behind a basic CV, and we’ve saved clients many hours of wasted first stage interviewing.
Beyond core academic competencies there are valuable skills that conventional CVs do not clearly reveal. By working closely with a cutting edge learning and development consultancy, we are able to use tests that aid selection by allowing much more lucid objective comparison between candidates.