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  1. - Ronin Starts Trading

    On 1st October 2007, Mark Badley created the procurement recruitment agency Ronin Limited. Starting out in a small office in Fleet, Hampshire, Mark Badley ran Ronin as a one-man recruitment desk, drawing on his many years of business and recruitment experience. In our first 4 years of trading we exclusively placed contractors into Procurement and Supply-Chain businesses and business functions before expanding into permanent recruitment.

    - Start of the Financial Crash

    Shortly after Ronin was formed, the world was plunged into a financial crisis, arguably the largest the world had ever seen. Such a massive global event would deter most start-up businesses, but not Ronin, which has posted profits every single year of trading since launch.

    - 1st Generation iPhone Released

    On the same year that Ronin was formed, the first-generation iPhone was released. Ronin were early adopters of smart phone technology and cloud based systems. Our willingness to embrace innovations within the market has often given us the edge over our competitors in terms of speed of delivery and quality of service.

  2. - Ronin Reaches 10 Contractors Out

    Less than a year after forming, Ronin reached a successful 10 contractors working in one period. A huge success for a business that was only a year old and formed during the beginnings of a global financial crisis.

    - Ronin Sponsors Wolves Match

    A lifelong Wolverhampton Wanderers fan, founder Mark Badley jumped at the opportunity to sponsor the captain’s armband at football match between Wolves and Blackpool on November 22nd 2008. Unfortunately for Mark and fellow Wolves fans, they drew the match 2 – 2.

    - Barack Obama Elected President

    The election of the President Obama coincided with our first anniversary, another key milestone within the Ronin timeline. So far Ronin has operated during the offices of three US Presidents and three UK Prime Ministers. How many more will we see at before our 20th anniversary?

  3. - ½ Million Turnover

    After our third year of trading Ronin announced that we had surpassed £500,000 turnover during the 2008/2009 business year. Three years into our journey and Ronin were already proving a financial success.

    - Ronin Hires Two Trainee Recruiters

    In 2009 Mark hired his first two trainee recruiters onto the contract recruitment desk. The two hires - Peter Castle (now Team Leader at Phoenix Resourcing) and Ryan Hill (now Associate Director at EO Executives) completed Ronin’s bespoke 12 step training which provided the foundations for their successful careers in recruitment.

    - Ronin Reaches 20 Contractors Out

    Shortly after achieving 10 contractors out in one period, Ronin reports a record high of 20 contractors out. In just over a year, we had doubled our recruitment portfolio and contractor income.

  4. - Ronin Introduces its 6 Step Process

    In early 2010 Ronin introduced our 6 step recruitment process which was followed by all Ronin recruitment consultants and is still being used today. The 6 step process consists of Define, Search, Screen, Short List, Manage, Support. You can read more about Ronin’s 6 Step recruitment process here.

    - Ronin Grows and Moves Office

    2010 was a year of change for UK politics and economics and even bigger year for Ronin. In late 2010 we grew to 5 employees and moved office to accommodate the changes.

    - David Cameron Elected Prime Minister

    After a turbulent few years as Prime Minister Gordon Brown steps down from leadership of the Labour party, Labour loses seats in parliament and a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government is formed. During this unsteady period of political and economic change, all recruitment requirements slow. Nevertheless, Ronin reports another successful year maintaining its £500,000 turnover from the previous year.

  5. - Andrew Collins Joins Ronin

    Longest serving employee Andrew Collins joined Ronin in 2011, the first employee to operate on the Permanent desk. Andrew saw the potential at Ronin and decided to invest into our long-term development, becoming a director and shareholder in the process. 6 year on and Andrew has expanded the Permanent desk, hiring and developing several consultants in the process.

    - 1 Million Turnover

    Two years after surpassing £500,000 turnover, Ronin announced that we had surpassed £1,000,000 turnover in its 2010/2011 business year. A huge success for Ronin as we had doubled our turnover in less time than it had taken them to reach £500,000.

    - Ronin 1st Brand Refresh

    5 years after forming, Ronin founder Mark Badley decided it was the perfect time to refresh the Ronin brand. The refresh consisted of a new website, brand collateral and brand guidelines. The refresh put Ronin at the forefront of branding and web technology allowing it to record its most successful year to date.

  6. - Video Interviewing and Competency Questions

    At Ronin we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology within the recruitment industry. In late 2012 we introduced video interviewing and online competency questions as part of our recruitment package. These introductions proved to be a great success giving Ronin’s clients an in-depth look into our candidates prior to scheduling the 1st interview.

    - Office Move

    Following multiple office moves we finally settle down to a long term accommodation at Parkway Business House in Eastleigh, Hampshire. Originally a gin palace for managers working at the old Eastleigh Railworks, the new offices had an abundance of character which was loved by all of our employees.

    - Plant a Tree Foundation

    In 2012 we introduced a scheme to plant a tree for every placement it made. In total Ronin planted 50 new trees in the National Forest.

  7. - Ronin Apprenticeship

    In 2013 we hired our first apprentice, Jack White, with great success. Jack completed an NVQ qualification at nearby Eastleigh College and was awarded with a permanent resourcer role following the completion of his apprenticeship.

    - Success for Ronin Permanent Desk

    2013 was a great year for Ronin’s Permanent recruitment desk. The foundation of our success was Ronin’s ability to bid for, win and deliver 6 consecutive bids for multi hire projects. These wins kick-started a prosperous period for Ronin’s permanent desk, which has gone from strength to strength since.

    - Office Renovation

    1 year after moving into the new office Mark and Andrew decided a refurbishment was needed. We remodelled the office by removing all dated features including wooden panelling, lighting and partition walls, before opening out the office to create a light and open office space. Nevertheless, we made special care to keep all the unique office features that made it such a great place to work.

  8. - Ronin Goes to Ascot

    In 2014 Ronin introduced an annual trip to Royal Ascot for all its employees. Employees were treated to food and drinks and entry to a roof top seating area. A great day for everyone involved, this event is now an annual fixture in our social calendar.

    - Timesheets and Contracts Move Online

    In another showing of technological advancement, Ronin moved its time sheeting and contract management into online management packages. These cloud based tools can be accessed from anywhere in the world allowing Ronin consultants the flexibility to recruit and manage their desk on the move. All our recruiters are now fully mobile giving Ronin a competitive advantage over other recruiters in industry.

    - Doubled Size of Team

    Ronin doubled the size of our recruitment team in late 2014 following the success of the previous year’s trading results. This increase in personnel kick-started 3 years of positive financial growth on both the Permanent and Contract recruitment teams.

  9. - Ronin Reaches 50 Contractors Out

    In late 2015 Ronin reported a record high of 50 contractors out in one period. This success was catalysed by the introduction of Sophie Cook and Lucy Weaver onto our contractor recruitment team.

    - Ronin Team Building

    Following on from the success of the annual Ascot event, Mark and Andrew introduced end of quarter event days for all the Ronin employees. The first of these days was a team building event where two teams battled it out at laser tag and a boat building competition. These end of quarters days are another great way we reward our employees for the great work they achieve throughout the year.

    - Office Move

    Three years after moving into our last office, we outgrew it and had to move again. This time we moved to a much larger, brighter and more professional looking office. The office was given a modern make-over and kitted out with new furniture. Mark even got famous graffiti artist Slam Daniels to paint a mural on one the office walls.

  10. - Ronin go to Las Vegas

    2015 and 2016 turned out to be two of the most successful years in Ronin’s existence. To celebrate Mark and Andrew decided to offer an incentive to all employees. If they were to meet their targets for the year they would get to go to Las Vegas, with flights and accommodation paid for. This trip was such a success that Mark and Andrew decided to arrange another trip to Miami for 2017.

    - 3 Million Turnover

    2016 turned out to be the most successful year so far in terms of our annual turnover. Ronin reached a record £3,000,000 turnover in 2015/2016, nearly doubling its previous record year.

    - Ronin 2nd Brand Refresh

    Five years after the first brand refresh, Mark and Andrew decided there was a need to refresh the brand again. They wanted the Ronin brand to reflect the success that they had achieved over the past five years and did this with an update to the Ronin website, brand collateral and brand guidelines.

  11. - What’s Next?

    It has been 10 years since Ronin was founded and the business has changed massively from the days of the one-man business working out of an office in fleet. So where next? Why don’t you read the 10 year anniversary blog from founder Mark Badley to hear the journey so far and to find out what’s next for Ronin!

    - Ronin Journey

    After 10 years of trading Ronin introduced the Ronin Journey for our employees. The Ronin Journey encompasses everything it means to work at Ronin, including; the office culture, work environment and development path for Ronin employees. This introduction saw many changes to the Ronin work environment, including a more relaxed office culture, introduction of a communal seating area and custom built Ronin pool table.

    - Ronin go to Miami

    Following on from the successful company trip to Las Vegas, Mark and Andrew decided to surprise the employees again with a trip to Miami. All employees were given the option to attend, and could earn special events (such as tickets to a Miami Heat match) by reaching certain group targets. The trip is scheduled for the end of October 2017, perfect timing to celebrate Ronin’s 10 year anniversary!

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